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Feather flag printing
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A feather flag, also known as a flutter flag or a sail flag, is a type of promotional flag that is commonly used for advertising and marketing purposes. It consists of a long, narrow flag made of lightweight fabric, typically nylon or polyester, attached to a flexible pole. The unique design of the flag allows it to “flutter” or wave in the wind, attracting attention and making it visible from a distance.

Feather flags are often used by businesses, organisations, and events to promote their brand, products, or services. They can be customised with logos, slogans, or other graphics to convey a specific message. Feather flags are popular for outdoor advertising and are commonly seen at trade shows, sports events, festivals, car dealerships, and retail stores.

These flags are portable and easy to set up. They usually come with a base or stake that can be inserted into the ground, or they can be mounted on poles or walls using brackets. Feather flags are available in various sizes, typically ranging from a few feet to over 15 feet in height. The pole and fabric are designed to withstand wind and weather conditions, ensuring durability during outdoor use.

Overall, feather flags are a versatile and eye-catching marketing tool that can help businesses and organizations attract attention and promote their brand effectively.

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